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Raw materials for the making of 3d 5d 6d 7d car floor mats carpet

Surface material:Leather

Thickness: 10 - 15mm

Unit of measurement:Roll

Size:1.5m*25m | 1.5m*50m

Weight:35kg/25m | 70kg/50m

Volume Cubic metre:0.35/25m | 0.7/50m

Our company specializes in the production of car floor mats. In addition to providing customers with high-quality car mats, we can also provide production plans for car mats, including production equipment, raw materials needed, etc. So far, we have helped customers in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Iran,Iraq, Algeria, Sri Lanka, India and other countries to build their factories.
We have a complete product supply system, which can provide all the products used in the production process of car floor mats.

You can use the raw materials we provide to produce the following mats.