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Updated North America TPE car floor liner model list on March 3, 2020

Our company have advanced 3D laser scanning equipment and skilled technical team, which can update the models of car floor mats as fast as possible. If you want the models that we don't have yet, please contact us at any time, and we can finish it quickly.

This model list was updated on March 3, 2020. We are still developing more models not only for the North America market, if you are a customer in Europe, South America or other countries, we are looking for an agent. Please contact us.

Please click the logo below to download the latest model list. Our model is constantly updated. Please pay attention to us!

The Latest model list

Update the following models on March 5, 2020
1、MINI 3door 2014-2020
2、Mercedes GLA
3、Mercedes GLB
4、Mercedes GLE
5、Mercedes GLS
6、BMW F48 X1 2016-2020
7、BMW F30 3 series AWD
8、BMW G20 3 series AWD
9、Toyota Higlander 2020
10、Honda Civic 2012-2015
11、Ford Explorer 2020
12、Hyundai Elantra GT 2018-2020
13、Audi A6 2012-2018
14、Audi A7 2012-2018
15、Ford Ranger 2020

The following are right-hand drive models:

1、Toyota Hilux Vigo 2008-2014
2、Toyota Hilux Revo 2015-2020
3、Toyota Hliux Revo Manu 2015-2020
4、Nissan Navara 2015-2020
5、Mitsubishi Triton 2015-2020
6、Toyota RAV4 2019-2020
7、Toyota Corolla 2014-2019
8、Honda HR-V 2015-2020
9、Nissan X-trial 2014-2020
10、Isuzu D-max 2015-2019
11、Chevrolet Corolado
12、Kia Sportage 2015-2020
13、Hyundai Elantra 2016-2020
14、Mitsubishi Outlander
15、Mazda CX-3
16、Mazda CX-5 2017-2020